27.2 million players use this controller on Steam

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Online gaming portal Steam says that 27.2million players have connected an Xbox 360 controller to the service.

That accounts for a whopping 45% of the total controllers connected to Steam, far outpacing the PS4 joypad (with just 12.2million players using it).

Steam, for the unaware, is an app that lets you buy and play games – from big hitters like Call of Duty, to small indie games you’ve never heard of.

box One controllers have also proved popular, with 11.5million players (or 19%) using the pad for gaming.

Interestingly, 431,533 players have used their PS2 controllers to play – and 783 used dance mats.

But Xbox is the dominant force, and is the “most common PC controller”, according to Steam.

“Xbox controllers are essentially the default controller for PC games, and this fact is apparent in the controller stats,” a Steam blog post explains.

“Nearly 40million Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers have been connected to Steam, representing 64% of all controllers.”

The Xbox 360 was released back in November 2005, making it nearly 13 years old.

The fact that the console is very old, and that the Xbox 360 was very popular, means lots of people still own the joypad.

Importantly, you can pick up Xbox 360 controllers very cheaply – with some selling for less than £10 online.

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