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Apex Legends players PAYING £100s for free wins in secret ‘black market’

One such website is Boosting.Pro, which has a range of services on offer for Apex Legends
Apex Legends

APEX LEGENDS has only been out for a few days, but a secret “black market”  has already sprung up around the game.

Skilled players are offering to “boost” the accounts of fellow gamers, levelling them up, or giving them free kills and wins – all in exchange for cash.

Players are using eBay and several “black market” sites to offer services, and even sell “boosted” accounts for as much as £230.

One such website is Boosting.Pro, which has a range of services on offer for Apex Legends.

You can purchase a levelling-up service for your account, which takes about 2 hours per level at a cost of €13 (~£11.40).

Because boosting is technically against Apex Legends rules, boosters will use VPN software to trick the game into thinking they’re based in your home country – so it won’t look suspicious.

The website also lets you buy “wins” in the game for €7, which is effectively cheating – but that won’t put lazy, cash-flush gamers off.

It’s a similar story over at eBay, where players are trading free “wins” for between £0.99 and £8.

The going rate in eBay’s “completed listings” section seems to be around £4.50 per “win”.

Specialist “boosting” website ProBoosting is pricier, with a special team of “boosters” charging just over £15 per win.

Of course “boosting” as a practice is risky, and is generally advised against.

It typically involves handing over access to your account to others, and there’s no guarantee the boosters won’t simply steal your login details and disappear.

But it’s not just boosters that are turning a quick profit from Apex Legends.

Another popular website called Player Auctions sees gamers selling premium accounts with rare items on.

The most expensive listing right now is an account with the “wraith pack with knife”, on sale for $300 (~£230).

However, purchasing used accounts is also risky, because it’s impossible to make sure sellers will actually give you the log-in details.

And even if they do, there’s nothing to stop the seller from using their own details to recover the account and claim it back from you.

You also run the risk of having the bought account banned too, if game makers cotton on to the fact that you didn’t create it yourself.


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