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APEX Legends Top Guns, Best Legends and Top Tips

Our Top Tips To Help Get You On Your Way
APEX Legends Top Guns, Best Legends and Top Tips

The Best Weapons

There are currently 19 weapons that can be equipped in Apex Legends. Based on our experience, here is our take on the best to worst guns to use in Apex Legends:

  • The Best of the Best: Mastiff (Shotgun), Kraber .50 (Sniper), Peacekeeper (Shotgun) w/ Precision Choke
  • Really Damn Good: Wingman (Pistol), VK-47 Flatline (Assault Rifle), Spitfire (LMG), G7 Scout, Prowler (SMG) w/ Select Fire upgrade
  • Good: Devotion (LMG) w/ Turbocharge, EVA-8 Auto (Shotgun), R-301 (Assault Rifle), Longbow (Sniper), Hemlock (Assault Rifle), R-99 (SMG)
  • Okay: Alternator (SMG), Triple Take (Sniper)
  • The Rest: Basically anything else you find you’ll want to swap out ASAP. This includes the P2020 and RE-45 pistols and the Mozambique shotgun.

The Best Legends

The clear favorites are:

  1. Lifeline: Between her care package ultimate and healing drone, Lifeline provides exceptional support and is the best addition to any squad.
  2. Wraith: With her Void Run ability allowing her to both escape dangerous situations or flank unsuspecting enemies, Wraith is both a highly effective combatant and a very survivable Legend.
  3. Bloodhound / Gibraltar: Who ranks third depends on your style of play or the needs of your squad. Bloodhound’s tracking abilities are excellent for teams that want to hunt down their competitors (or avoid them all together), while Gibraltar’s defensive capabilities pair excellently with Lifeline’s healing skills to protect the squad.

Best Landing Spots

The big question at the start of every match, though, is always “where to land?” The weight of being the jumpmaster is a heavy one, but here are our recommendations on the best landing spots in King’s Canyon:

  • Thunderdome: It may not be a massive settlement, but it will almost always have enough loot for your entire squad to get a good start without being an exceptionally hot LZ.
  • Supply Ship: You’ll almost definitely end up in a hectic firefight if you aim for the supply ship, but you’re also likely to get some excellent gear if you survive.
  • Relay: Another great choice for those who like to loot in peace, then go looking for trouble.
  • Water Treatment: As one of the larger structures in the south of King’s Canyon, the treatment plant offers a bunch of loot along with great hiding spots to duck out of the way of incoming enemy fire.

Top Tips

  • Damage Color: When attacking an enemy, you’ll notice that the numbers ticking off the damage you’re doing may differ depending on the enemy your targeting. This color indicates what quality armor your opponent is wearing: purple for Level 3, Blue for Level 2, White for Level 1 and Red if they have no armor at all.
  • High ClimberYou can climb up surfaces considerably taller than you may expect for an FPS. Jump at a tall ledge or wall and hold forward to scramble up it – you can typically climb up to a ledge one story above you.
  • Door Destroyer: You don’t necessarily need to “open” a door – you could just melee it into nonexistance instead!
  • Streamlined HUD: Turn on Compact Loot Prompts in the options menu for a less cluttered UI once you’ve familiarized yourself with all the pickups.
  • Wear a Helmet: Helmets, unlike armor, do not require consumables to recharge. They simply reduce incoming headshot damage for as long as you’re wearing it.
  • On the Lookout: You can ping empty slots in your inventory to have your friends keep their eyes peeled for useful loot you could equip or carry.

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