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Battlefield 5 Will Launch This Year

Battlefield 5 Will Launch This Year

Battlefield V – Evolving Graphics Update

EA and DICE have confirmed that they’ll be at this year’s Game Developers Conference to talk about the graphics and evolving visuals of its games.

The talk will be given as part of a larger address about DirectX as a graphics platform, and how its evolved throughout its lifestyle.

Johan Andersson, “Technical Fellow” at DICE, and Colin Barre-Brisebois, “Senior Software Engineer” at the studio, will be part of the panel, along with Matt Sandy, who is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.

“For over 20 years, DirectX has been the platform used by game developers to create the fastest, most visually impressive games on the planet,” states the panel description.

“This talk is the best update on state-of-the-art innovation to get the best visuals from your game.”

Battlefield 2018 OVERVIEW

EA has announced it will be releasing a new Battlefield game in 2018, as its other big shooter – Anthem – slips to 2019’s launch window.

This will make it two years since a Battlefield launch – Battlefield 1 released in fall 2016 – but details are pretty thin on the ground about what kind of game this proposed shooter will be.

Battlefield 2018 – Release Date

The only information we have about Battlefield’s release date so far is that the game will be coming out late this year.

The earnings call from EA stated the game would see a Q3 release this year – if you look back at previous Battlefield games, you’ll see Battlefield 1 got launched on 21 October and Battlefield 4.

Does that hint at a potential release day? Maybe, but then you have to remember Rockstar recently announced Red Dead Redemption 2 will launch on October 26… so we imagine most other publishers are going to want to steer well clear of that.

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