Black Screen ‘service update’ kills xbox consoles worldwide

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Many Xbox One owners with consoles connected to the Internet found that trying to use their consoles just resulted in seeing a black screen on their tv’s thinking for many that thier xbox console just died.

The Xbox Support team initially acknowledged the “startup, title update and sign-in errors” at 6.08pm on Twitter.

Brad Rosetti, a member of the Xbox engineering team confirmed that they had “identified the service causing the black screens” about half an hour later.

Users reporting problems and responding to updates on Twitter had feared the worst when their consoles seemed to have entirely stopped working, with one saying they “thought my console was toast!!!”

“Oh thank God, I thought my Xbox X was bricked,” said another.

Roughly two hours later, Xbox Support confirmed that the original batch of issues had been resolved, with Rossetti confirming the errant service change had been “rolled back” at around 8 p.m.

That wasn’t the end of woes for fans of Microsoft’s console though, with more reports of issues “downloading and installing content” coming in several hours later.

The tech team got back to work, and those problems were reportedly resolved some time after 5a.m.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it, with further issues continuing through the day, stopping users downloading things they had already paid for.


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