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Blue Rider – Nintendo Switch Review

Blue rider is a top-down shooter where you have various stages to complete, of which there are 9 stages to complete in total. You fly a ship through the stages and defeat the different enemies that are roaming about and at the end of each stage, there’s a boss which you must defeat to complete the stage. When enemies are firing at you, they tend to fire little balls of fire at you, some will fire the one, others may fire more at you depending on their strength.

As you go through each stage there are pods which you can destroy and these will upgrade one of your 2 weapons, and your upgrades continue with you through to the next stage and beyond. It’s all pretty basic if I’m honest and you’re not going to miss the pods as they’re strategically placed in the stages so you can get them.

I didn’t find the game overall hard to play through if you keep moving about and fire back and using your arsenal to your advantage, it wasn’t exactly a hard game to defeat. One issue I had with Blue Rider was the fact that sometimes the movements made by the ship when trying to dodge and fire back at enemies made my eyes go a bit funny which I found a little unsettling, but I think it was because there were times when the movements were so quick it was quite unsettling.

There are several difficulties in which you can set the game too and these come in the normal flavours of Easy, Normal and Hard.

I mentioned above that Blue Rider has 9 stages to complete and that is it for the entire game, there are only 9 stages, and each stage depending on how quick you are will take around 15 minutes to complete. Not the greatest amount of content I’ve come across in a game and I am hoping that more stages or content will be introduced in updates because if not, the game is a little barebones.

In terms of how the game looks, it’s OK, I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse, the graphics style does the job, it doesn’t try to be realistic but what it does do, it shows its charm. Each stage has their own design and layout which can be a lovely forest or a snowy ice cap, either way, each stage does evolve somewhat to give you a bit of variance. My only issue with this was that the field of view was very lacklustre and sometimes it was hard to see where I was going. The field of view was very top down and I know that’s how the game is designed, but usually, there is a slight side angle to it so the viewing is a lot better.

Overall the game was OK, playing through the levels was good, but my issue with the game was that there was a lack of content, no online play, and only 9 stages to play through. There is a lack of replayability with the game as well, the only way I can see there being any replayability is if you started on Easy or normal and worked up to hard.

Would I recommend it, I’m not sure, if you like this sort of game, then yes probably, it would fill a gap for a couple of hours for sure, but if you’re on the fence then no, wait for a sale at least.

Blue Rider
Blue Rider
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