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Carnival Games Review – Nintendo Switch

Recommended for families/party games

Carnival games on Nintendo Switch is one of those games which doesn’t take itself seriously, designed mainly for a fun family get together around the TV playing mini-games, it’s meant for an escape from the RPGs and other games of the world.

Carnival games was originally released on the Wii back in 2007 with Carnival Funfair Games gaining quite a mixed reaction, so 2K is looking to the Switch to bring the series back.

In total there are 20 mini-games for you to play, from batting to flying through vortex/rings collecting ‘bubbles’. I call them bubbles mainly because that’s what they look like! As you play through each of the games, you get to unlock tickets, these tickets can then be used to open up other mini-games. The one issue I had with this was the fact that the levels in which you had to gain to open some of the mini-games were ridiculous. One level opens when you have 200 tickets, and another one is set to 1000?!

The best way I found at doing this was simply getting your friends/family together and trying to beat each other’s scores. The tickets started rolling in then, however, it did still take a decent amount of play time.

The games are nice and simple to play and the game tries to keep the control simplistic as it is aimed at families and children to play. Most of the games are just either moving around with the thumbstick or pressing A to hit/shoot something.

Games were easy enough to handle and there was a lot which was enjoyable. Before you head into a game it does give you a preview of what is coming up and also explains what is needed in terms of controls.

The mini-games are grouped in different themed areas from a jungle theme to outer space. There are 4 in total named Jungle Lake, Saturn Station, Vulture Gulch and Nuts & Bolts, each of which has 5 games per section.

On the old game, you would use your Mii character to play the games with, however, this version comes with preset characters for you to choose. The character models did make me chuckle though as they look like they’re straight out of Word 98’s assistants… Good ol‘ clippy 😀

I did mention that this game was a very family/party orientated game, and it is, but you can play this on your own against AI opponents and choose the difficulty of said opponents. Which when on hardest difficulty will really give you a challenge to beat.

Speaking of challenges, there are some that come along for each mini-games, challenging you to either defeat a really hard opponent or get over a certain score, of which will open certain treats such as motion control. The scores weren’t hard to get to (for me anyway) but I found it disappointing that motion controls weren’t open right from the start to play with. However, I will say that I enjoyed playing the games with motion controls, especially the bowling and batting, it took me right back to the Wii days and wish we had more sports/games like this that utilise the motion controls.

In terms of how the game looks, its never going to win any awards for being the best looking game, far from it, but what the game does, it does the job and isn’t really anything to grumble at.

On the whole, its a decent family orientated game, it does what it’s designed to do and is also well designed to be able to play Solo if you fancy a quick go of something.

Recommended for families/party games

Carnival Games
Carnival Games
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