Cities: Skylines Gets Xbox One X Upgrade

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Out of nowhere though, that changed today. Cities: Skylines is now listed as Xbox One X Enhanced on the Microsoft Store! We tested out the upgrade and it appears as though the game runs at 4K 60 FPS now. The listing also mentions “4K Ultra HD”. However, until an in-depth analysis is conducted, there’s no way to say for sure. It definitely looks much crisper, features better textures, and runs at a higher frame rate.

Management games, such as SimCity, are often very complex. Not only are you managing the game itself, but also the various overlapping menus that govern the game. As such, the preferred input method has been mouse and keyboard.

Cities: Skylines is currently available as part of Xbox Game Pass. The subscription costs $9.99 each month and provides you with Netflix-style access to over a hundred games

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