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Dark Souls Remastered Gets Update on Nintendo Switch

Here is what the update brings:

FromSoftware has been working behind the scenes to keep improving Dark Souls Remastered, and last night in the early hours the Switch version was updated to 1.0.3.

Here is what the update brings:

-Shortened the time of earning souls of the NPCs defeated from fall damage.
-Fixed the game crashing from repeatedly connecting with different players for long hours on online multiplayer.
-Reduced the animation delay in online multiplayer.
-Fixed the soul of “Gwyn Lord of Cinder” decreasing multiple times when praised on the Altar of Sunlight in a certain procedure, After the update file is applied, the game will be labeled as the following version on the top left of the title screen.

You can check if your copy is updated by pressing the + button on your controller and going to ‘Update – Via the Internet’ – If you have the latest update, the Switch will inform you accordingly 🙂

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