Fallout 76: PvP Turn Off Option In Settings…

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Fallout 76

Well, I have to admit that Bethesda hasn’t been the best in explaining what is going on with Fallout 76 in terms of PvP.

Now, they did say before that the PvP element will consist of little shots to try and lure you in, but from what has come out of the preview done by Eurogamer, there is an option in the game to turn off PvP.

We know that up until level 5 it is already turned off to help you get used to the game, then from there it’s on, but it looks like you will be able to turn it off again. Now, there is no definitive answer that it turns off PvP or whether it stops you accidentally shooting someone.

There isn’t long left till we find out with the beta launching on October 23rd on Xbox One and October 30th on PS4.

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