Fortnite trick lets you sneak under the Food Fight wall early

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A new video has emerged of a gamer navigating his way around the wall is circulating online, potentially breaking the new Food Fight mode. How the hell you ask?

In Food Fight, the entire Fortnite map is split into two sections.

This gives players five minutes to collect resources and fortify their base.

So being able to get around the wall early gives players a major advantage.

It makes it possible to surprise unsuspecting gamers who thought they were safe.

This means players can kill enemies who weren’t expecting a battle so soon.

A video was posted to Reddit (and spotted by Fortnite Intel) showcasing the exploit – but the thread has been locked because it breaches the rule against posting Fortnite cheats.

It turns out that when the wall that splits the map moves off the island, it doesn’t reach the water below.

This makes it possible to build a path underneath the wall, and shuffle into enemy territory.

Many players responding to the Reddit threat were impressed by the cheat.

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