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Grip: Combat Racing – Nintendo Switch Review

Close but no cigar!

Grip: Combat Racing has come at us as a spiritual successor to 1999 PC and Playstation game Rollcage. Bringing to Switch high speed, rolling races, which on the front of things would be enough to get people excited for a racing game on Nintendo’s Hybrid Console.

Right from the off you can play campaign or have a go at any mode in Grip. The game is pretty much open right from the off, which was a nice little touch, being able to play what I wanted to of the game instead of being locked behind a play this or do that first model.

Grip: Combat Racing

Multiplayer is included in the game, and there is local split-screen for you and your friends as well as online multiplayer with full ranked lobbies.

As you play through Grip you will start to unlock more and more customisations for your vehicles, you’ll earn XP and more.

During the races there are some power ups which you can collect, these are pretty standard if I’m honest, and you can get speed boosts, rockets and more, all pretty standard and nothing out of the ordinary.

The same goes for the mechanics of Grip as well. There isn’t anything out of the ordinary, there’s nothing that gets you excited or wowed about, and it all seems pretty basic and standard.
When it comes to the mechanics, there isn’t any drifting implemented in the game, so when you’re going round the track you are unable to drift, you just have to turn as you turn…

I have to admit, that the soundtrack for the game I absolutely loved, it was very nicely done and I will say that it made races and checking through the menus more bearable.

The gameplay and driving isn’t the smoothest/most fluid I’ve played, but there can be a bit of fun to be had at trying to navigate around each track, especially when one minute you’re in first, suddenly after a wrong turn at Albuquerque, you’re last. C’est la vie

One thing with the gameplay that annoyed me a little bit was the fact that you can be travelling at around 200+mph and crash as you’re making a turn, going through a tunnel etc and the car will just stop, no big smash, crash or anything, all a little feeble in my opinion.

Grip isn’t the best looking game I’ve played, in fact I personally think the game looks very basic, playing in handheld the game looks very wishy washy and even then playing it docked it doesn’t look much better. I know with the speeds that the vehicles are meant to be going at there would be some motion blur to it, but there’s a point between motion blur and a mash of colours on the screen with barely distinguishable features. This was one of the most disappointing aspects of the game for me, I think with a little more development time, this could have been cleaned up a bit to make it more presentable, but I honestly didn’t like how the game looked when I was playing it.

Grip: Combat Racing

The vehicles as well didn’t look the best, mainly presented as an oversized box with oversized wheels attached to it. Customisation allowed you to add some personality to it, but this couldn’t really add up to the rest of what was on the screen.

What made it more disappointing was that when watching different trailers it made the game look very presentable, but playing it was a whole different kettle of fish.

On a whole I have to say that Grip was a very disappointing experience, I was excited to play the game as I liked what I had seen in trailers, but like a pin to a balloon that was quickly deflated when playing.

If you can get passed the standard gameplay and mechanics and the subpar graphics, there is a decent game under the hood just waiting to smash its way through. Close but no cigar.

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