[Guide] Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Fast Travel

There are several options that can be used to fast travel within the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. You can use the map on the back of Arthurs coach at the camp, you can use the trains within the world and buy a ticket from the post office or you can use the Stagecoaches that are located within each of the towns.

Each has a benefit and a downside to them.

Map on the back of Arthurs Coach

The map can be unlocked in the camp upgrades once the ledger has become available. You can unlock the ledger once you have done the mission ‘Money Lending and other sins’ from Herr Strauss. In this mission you’re having to collect debts from people who have borrowed money, there are 3 in total to collect from in this mission, however you only need to get money from one of the people and place it in the camps kitty for the ledger to become available. Once you have upgraded Dutchs and Arthurs dwellings (First things first & Next in line) the map should become available. The total needed for both of these is around $545.

The one downside to using the map is that it is only fast travel one way. So you can select a location and Arthur will travel there, but you will either have to ride your horse back or use another one of the options below.

If you choose to ride your horse back, you can set a location on the map and go into cinematic mode, this will make the horse ride automatically to the way point set. You have to be on a road and going in the direction set by the waypoint for this to work.

Train Fast Travel.

You can use the trains within the game to get to the location that you want to go. Tickets can be bought at Post offices. An issue that you may run into with this, like in real life, your station may not be connected to the line you’re on. So you might have to pay attention to where you are and make sure you get off at the right stop and make the change over to the line/train you need to get to your intended destination.

Tickets for the trains will cost you the grand total of between $5-15 depending on where you’re wanting to go. The further you travel, the higher the cost.


Stagecoaches can be found in towns and like Trains will cost you between $5-15 depending on your destination. The only problem with the stagecoaches I found was that they only go between towns and if you have a bounty in any location in the world, they won’t be available. Even if it’s a dollar.

Those are your options for fast travelling around the world. The train is nice to take for the experience. If you’re lazy and are going town to town and have no bounties then stagecoach could be the one for you. But I found the map on Arthurs coach beneficial, especially going long distances and then setting a way point on the way back and letting the game do the work!


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