Football Manager 19

[GUIDE] Using a Mouse with Football Manager 19 Touch on Nintendo Switch

Just like on PC, did you know that you can use a USB mouse to control the cursor for Football Manager 19 Touch on Nintendo Switch?

Well, neither did I until last night when I just thought I’d try it to see, and it worked. Nothing happened on the Dashboard for the Switch, but as soon as I booted the game up, the cursor showed up for me.

Simply plug a USB Mouse into one of the slots in the dock, load Football Manager and away you go. Simples! (Just to note, you do have to be playing in docked mode)

However, don’t worry handheld users, you’re not left out of this, because if you get a USB-C to USB adapter, you can plug it into the bottom of the Switch, connect your mouse to it and voila! Good to go.

I will admit, it’s a bit more awkward to use in handheld, but still works and because of the adapter and anything you wouldn’t be able to use the Table top mode to play (Unless you had a raised stand for it.)

A nice little surprise and one that makes playing the game a whole lot easier. (For me at least!)

You’re still going to need the joy cons or controller near to access the side menus, but the majority of the game can be played through the mouse!


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