Hands-on with The Division 2 Beta

Ever since The Division 2 was announced I have been looking forward to getting my hands on it, I loved the first one and played it for countless hours along with the expansions.

Imagine my excitement then when my Beta code came through, I was straight onto my Xbox App, redeemed the code and pushed through the download all while still in work. Satisfying.

The first thing you notice when the Beta launches up is how detailed the world is, the first section where you get into a fire fight outside the White House, the level of detail there is superb, but it isn’t just that spot though, everywhere I’ve been around the city has had amazing level of detail. There have been some wishy-washy things where I think images aren’t popping properly, but for a beta, it’s something I’m not going to complain about.

One of my biggest gripes from the previous Division game was how wooden the movement could feel at times, it tended to be quite stiff, this has been addressed and the movement in The Division 2 feels a lot smoother and getting over objects is a lot smoother.

Another thing that they’ve kept the same in terms of style is the HUD, which for me, did the job, I can understand why they’ve kept it the same, it was decent in the first one, so luckily Ubisoft has gone with the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” model.

There is one major thing with the beta which needs to be fixed for the full release and that is the sound. Whenever you throw a grenade there is a delay in the sound, so it will go off, then a few seconds later you’ll here the explosion. When there are a lot of enemies on screen and a lot of things happening, the sound does suffer, it breaks up, crackles and I’ve found that it does that annoying whining sound before shutting my game down.

Speaking of shutting my game down, I’m not sure if this is a thing for everyone, but when I load the game up fresh, I have to start it twice. It will go to the welcome screen, I’ll press A to go in, and it will start to connect to the servers before kicking me back to the dashboard to restart it again, and this time it lets me in. Hopefully the two little annoyances will get fixed up before it’s release next month.

The one thing that I can’t knock this game for is how it has kept the energy, the tenseness as well as that level of difficulty. You need to have the gear and level if you’re on your own because I have died plenty of times heading into areas that are higher levels than I am currently on, the challenge is good, but sometimes it’s better to just take a step back.

I am really enjoying myself with the beta and I can’t wait for the full release.

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