How to use the Xbox Adaptive Controller on the Nintendo Switch

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In the video, MyMateVince explains that you’ll need the Mayflash Magic-NS wireless controller adapter if you want to use the Adaptive Controller on Nintendo hardware.

The adaptor lets the Switch receive inputs from the Microsoft Adaptive Controller. MyMateVince then details how you’ll need to explore different calibration processes for the pad, and talks us through the different profiles you might need to use when setting up non-Nintendo peripherals on the console.

xbox adaptive controller

We thank MyMateVince for his work and hope Nintendo adds hardware to its family soon enough that will render hacks like this obsolete.

“Remember this is not supported by Nintendo and it will not work as well as it does on the Xbox One console. Hopefully, in the future Sony and Nintendo will allow the use of the Xbox Adaptive Controller natively without any adapters. But until then it is still possible to use it as shown in this video.

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