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Mario Kart 8 antigravity tracks

Mario Kart eight antigravity tracks

Mario Kart eight’s antigravity tracks — sections of the race the place gamers hover over the observe with the assistance of magnets — are extra than simply eye sweet, in response to the sport’s director Kosuke Yabuki and producer Hideki Kono. They’re designed for use strategically to spice up a participant’s standing or to throw an opponent off the course.

Talking throughout a roundtable dialogue in regards to the newest installment within the Mario Kart racing collection for Wii U, which can launch on Could 30, Kono stated the builders’ major precedence was creating attention-grabbing programs that encourage new and other ways of taking part in. When gamers enter antigravity sections, the wheels on their kart will flip up and to the perimeters, and they’re going to race up partitions, the wrong way up and undergo waterfalls with out ever touching the bottom. Some programs will drive gamers onto the antigravity sections for components of the race, whereas others will give gamers the choice to decide on which path they wish to take.


“One of many belongings you’ll see with the later programs is antigravity being given to the participant as an choice, so you may be driving on the course, and now the course branches off and you’ll both proceed driving on the bottom, or possibly go into the antigravity space to keep away from an enemy or choose up an additional block,” Kono stated. “You may resolve you wish to take a special route that has a lift that lets you take off and use your glider. So with the addition of the antigravity function, we have been in a position so as to add extra selection to the course design, and it basically modifications the participant’s technique.”

When gamers collide with one another whereas in an antigravity zone, as a substitute of spinning out and slowing down, they are going to obtain a velocity enhance. Yabuki anticipates that many gamers will use this function strategically. The place gamers have been beforehand cautious about hitting one another, now they may actively search to collide.


“One factor that is at all times occurred in earlier Mario Karts is if you happen to’re racing a light-weight character and also you stumble upon an enormous character like Bowser, you have been at a drawback,” Yabuki stated. “Nonetheless, with the antigravity part, and once more the power to provide a velocity enhance from truly operating into somebody, even the lighter characters are capable of strategize round utilizing the antigravity sections to both maintain the taking part in subject even or to provide them a bonus. So it does alter the technique.”

Yabuki stated trying again on earlier Mario Kart titles, colliding with different characters was by no means one thing that gamers needed to do as a result of the dangers at all times outweighed the advantages. Even characters like Bowser misplaced some velocity after collisions, so gamers usually tried to keep away from one another. With the antigravity sections of Mario Kart eight, Yabuki believes gamers will discover methods to make use of collisions to their benefit. For instance, a gaggle of gamers trailing behind could resolve to all drive into one another repeatedly to provide all of them velocity boosts to allow them to catch as much as and overtake the individual in first place. Or maybe they may select to collide with somebody who’s going round a hairpin flip to allow them to drive that individual to hurry enhance off the facet of a cliff.

“The velocity enhance you get from colliding with a personality when you’re within the antigravity portion of this course alters the paradigm [of risk outweighing benefit], Yabuki stated. “So we may even see some new methods come out of this — some that possibly even we’re not conscious of.”



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