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Marvel characters to enter the game Spiderman?

DLC is planned for the game over the next few months with extra story missions coming into play.
Marvels Spiderman

Marvels Spiderman has been a hit on the PS4, becoming one of the fastest selling games in the UK, even beating God of War.

DLC is planned for the game over the next few months with extra story missions coming into play. But, one thing I was interested in, was would it feasible for other Marvel characters to enter the game?

We’ve seen Tony Stark/Ironman play a part in the latest movie Spider-man: Homecoming, The Hulk being in Thor: Ragnarok, it’s not a foreign concept to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but how likely would this fit into the game?

I personally think it would be a good idea, and if it was done correctly could add a lot to the game. The first thing to remember would be that this is a Spider-man game and any additional characters to be brought into the game could only be there as a side aide to help Spider-man with whatever the mission was, and especially not to do (in my opinion) the pointless stealth missions that you undertake with MJ.

There would need to be a point to the character being there without taking anything away from Spider-man. Something like Stark needing Spider-man’s help at Start Tower, Maybe Jessica Jones is doing an investigation and needs help (This would be an interesting one), something is going down at Sanctum Sanctorum and Doctor Strange needs help.

The way other Marvel characters have been subtly embedded into the world gives a good choice of what could be done with DLC, the foundations are there, but with licensing and other things, would it be possible to bring another character in? I don’t know, I’m a mere writer and unsure of finer details when it comes to who owns whom etc.

I did run a poll on Twitter to gauge the interest from users, and the results we’re as expected, quite split between people as it came out 50/50 between those who would and wouldn’t like to see another Marvel character in the game.

The benefits for the game? It can create longevity, keep people playing it, which with a single player only game is something that developers would surely want to happen and creating extra DLC to add more content is the way forward.

The downside to this is the cost associated with it. Both development and the cost to the consumer. Would Insomniac be able to spare the devs to keep on updating and creating new content for the game? Especially after such a period of time and when they maybe starting new projects, and all hands would need to be on deck.

There would then be the cost the consumer, this could be done in a variety of ways, each individual DLC could be priced as such and on their own merit, or a ‘season pass’ type of model could be used to get all the content, it would be more than likely that both would be used where you can buy each individually or just get the pass.

What would adding a character to the game bring? Well, in my opinion it would add a dynamic to the game, something that we’ve seen the MCU do over the last 10 years from Iron man 1 to Avengers Infinity War.

The Spider-man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok films have shown how bringing a character into a story can be done right, and especially with the way Ironman is used in the film, this to me would be perfect for the game. It takes nothing away from the game or the fact that it’s still a Spider-man game, but still adds into it, if that makes sense.

Would you be up for having other characters show up in a certain capacity in Spider-man on PS4?

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