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What our review scores mean

The most limited resource any of us have is time. You will never have more of it, and we want to help you avoid wasting it as much as we are able. While money is obviously an important consideration, 24-7gamer’s reviews operate on the premise that time is paramount, and our scores reflect that. Our reviews seek to help you make informed decisions on how to spend the limited time you have.

The reviewer plays the game, notes things he or she liked and didn’t like, and then assigns a score. The publishing team at 24-7gamer discusses the game with the reviewer each time before a review is published. Games are not scored until a review is written and finalized. Once a review is complete, the reviewer meets with a group of senior editors to determine which score on our scale properly reflects the text as written. We do not write with scores in mind.

We consider all aspects of the game to decide whether a game is ultimately worth your time. The score we assign a game is the final breakdown of all its components, its strong points, and its shortcomings.

Needless to say: we’re gamers, too, and we’re letting you know if said game is truly worth your precious time and money.

Review Ethics

We will always let you know if we were provided a review copy by the developer/publisher for the review in question. We have zero contact with developers or publishers regarding the final review score before it’s published.

Our writers do not cover developers or publishers in whom they’ve previously invested or are currently investing (financially or personally), who have previously employed them, or to whom they’re related or have close relationships.

If you have any questions about our review policy, please email us at


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