PAC-MAN Micro Player Arcade Review

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Collect all the Pac-Dots and fruits, but watch out for ghosts! Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are out to get one of gaming’s most iconic characters, PAC-MAN. Originally released in 1980, PAC-MAN is often regarded as one of the most famous arcade games and is still a staple in arcades across the world. We managed to get our hands on one and It’s an exact replica of the original arcade cabinet and it is gorgeous and just like the real thing.


• Features artwork inspired by the original PAC-MAN arcade cabinet.
• Full color, 2.75” screen.
• Removable joystick.
• Perfect for any game room, office, or display case!
• Volume control and 3.5mm headphone jack.
• Power with a Micro-USB cable or 4 AA batteries (not included).
• 6.75 inches tall.

This scaled down mini version runs on either 4 AA batteries or can be plugged in via a micro USB cable which is really handy if you want to play on the go at any point.  When they designed this little beauty they really thought about it and that shows as included within the mini arcade is a headphone jack.


Gameplay-wise, the micro runs a NES version of Pac-Man, not the original sadly but Pac-Man on this thing runs very smoothly and really looks great on the 2.75″ screen.

Overall, Im really impressed with this mini arcade I honestly may have found my new amiibo to hunt! At about $35, they are inexpensive enough to catch on as collector’s items – especially since they are pretty much exact replicas of the originals. Sure they may not have the actual original ROM’s or sounds but the concept has me hyped and I’m excited to see which ones are going to come out next!


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