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PS+ Cloud Storage Increasing to 100GB

Unlimited (Kind of) Cosmic Power!

Good news everyone!

Sony has announced that the cloud storage amount that you get with your PS+ subscription is going to be increasing…. 10 fold!

From ‘early February’ you will be given a whopping 100GB’s of space to play with for your save games. So far, PS+ has only allowed for 10GB of space for uploading your save games, which depending on how many games you have and the size of the files, would have been enough… Maybe.

But never fear as Sony is hear gracing you with extra storage. Is this all part of the master plan of changes that’s going to be implemented for when PS3 and Vita games are removed from the PS+ service? Only time will see.

The announcement was made as part of the PS+ Games announcement for February which you can check out here.

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