Red Dead Redemption 2
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Read Dead Online Launches TODAY!…. For Some

Everyone has been wondering when Red Dead Online was going to release… Well, we hope you’re ready for this.

Red Dead Online will be available today… If you bought the ultimate edition of the game

It will be available to you on November 28th if you pre ordered or bought the game on Launch.

You will be able to access the online aspect of Red Dead on November 29th if you purchased the game on ‘Launch Weekend’ (So October 26th – 29th)

and if you purchased the game after this, the online portion will open up for you on November 30th….

How this will work for retail games I don’t know, digital it will be registered against your purchased date, but retail im presuming will be when the game was initiated and installed on your system of choice? Maybe…

Aaaaaand breathe! Confused much?! Yeah, us too.

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