SNES Games will be added to the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Online is launching this week.

Nintendo Switch Online is following in the footsteps of Xbox Live and PSN and gives gamers a number of benefits to paying for the online gaming service.

Besides the main draw – online play – Nintendo Switch Online will also offer save data backups in the cloud and exclusive offers for members.

Nintendo Switch Online will also offer members at launch 20 NES games that can be played whenever owners take the console on the go.

Classic games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and the original Super Mario Bros will be available to play.

A number of these NES games can also be played online and more titles will be added to this retro selection of games regularly.

At launch this retro selection will only be comprised of NES titles, but Switch owners will be hoping timeless games from other consoles get added.

And it could have been all but that SNES games will be getting added to Nintendo Switch Online in the future.


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