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Soulja Boy says his new console will have Fortnite but Epic says it won’t !

soulja boy nintendo

Because apparently he enjoys people laughing at him, Soulja Boy has continued to hawk his line of SouljaGame consoles. And now he claims ‘the next one’ will run Fortnite. There’s two main possibilities when it comes to Soulja Boy’s hilariously untrue claims for his consoles. Either they’re a scam and he knows it or they’re a scam and he doesn’t realise it. A new interview on YouTube channel Complex has demonstrated that the list of things he doesn’t realise is pretty long, as he claims his console will play 800 licensed PlayStation 4 and other games.

It might play 800 games but none of them are likely to be officially licensed, especially given that his previous consoles were filled only with emulated versions of other people’s games.

Again, it’s not clear whether Soulja Boy genuinely doesn’t understand the concept of emulation and piracy or if he’s purposefully trying to pull the wool over fan’s eyes but the website for his consoles was taken down shortly after he claimed he wasn’t scared that Nintendo would sue him. In the video he’s asked about the incident and says, ‘They thought the games were illegal ROMs, they’re licensed.’ You’d assume Nintendo would know whether they’d licensed anything to him or not, and his site being shut down suggests that the answer was that they haven’t.


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