State of Decay 2 Review

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No one could stop the zombies and now its up to us to find survivors and try and survive by building communities and savaging for supplies.

You can play solo or you can also team up with 3 others in co-op and explore the open world and hunt zombies together.

Each person you play has their own unique traits and skills. Keeping people alive is key because once they die, that is it. No coming back.

You can switch between characters during the game and each one starts with different traits and skill sets and you upgrade them as you go along.

State of Decay is published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Undead Labs. It is an Xbox One exclusive and can be played on Windows too.

On the whole, I have really enjoyed playing this game. Open world games are my bag and I liked the whole rebuilding the community thing. There is a lot of grinding and running back and forth to different spots to scavenge and carry back loot to help keep your community happy, and they are a very needy lot. Trying to keep them happy without people picking fights between each other due to the low mood, felt a bit like I was running a nursery but that didn’t put me off at all.

Health is very hard to find which is where I found myself shaking my head at when I found a new spot that didn’t have any to loot.

The more you find and bring back to the community, the more you can upgrade it to make it the best place to survive and I like all that. You can claim shops and settlements to help you along and you are able to drop and pick up supplies at these spots. I experienced my first death of a character I built up and felt quite sad that the permadeath took her, but I like the realness of once they are dead, thats it and you must survive without them. Which is why playing as other people in the community is great and essential.

As you do things in game, fighting, running etc, you build up stars to improve your skill set and you have a choice on what you would like to improve on next. That was good too.

You have to defeat plague hearts to reduce the plague zombie population. Getting attacked by a mass of glowing red-eyed zombies in the dark for the first time made me pray it was daylight in the game, but i guess that does add to the whole survival setting which for me, worked well.

I found the menus easy to get used to. At first I wasn’t sure but as i continued, they are fine and everything is easy to locate.

The controls are easy to use. I had no real issues with them.

The game has used an open world standard where you climb up high to open up more of the map and points of interest. I have always found this a very helpful part of any open world games so I am glad this was in the game.

There are a few bugs, which seems to be the norm with most games these days. Zombies getting stuck here and there and a few loading glitches of the world which do correct themselves. It didn’t put me off as most of the time I was running back and forth so much to even worry.

I look forward to continuing my quest to save my little community. I really like the game and if you like open world games with a lot of grinding and running back and forth like i do, I cannot see why you wouldn’t enjoy it. Apart from the visual bugs, I think this game could do well. I hope people give it the chance is deserves

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