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Sunset Overdrive is gun crazy


Sundown Overdrive is gun loopy

With a guiding design sensibility greatest summarized by the one phrase “awesomepocalypse,” you would possibly anticipate “Sundown Overdrive” to include some fairly memorable, over-the-top weapons — and you would be proper. They’ll all be upgraded utilizing the sport’s Amps (which you may craft from elements discovered all through the surroundings), and so they all obtain varied buffs and upgrades in case your Type meter is raised. Right here, we dig into just a few of the boomsticks that make the tip of days such a jolly good time.

TnTeddy: Fairly than use one thing so mundane as dynamite, the TnTeddy launches cute teddy bears that explode on impression. The concept belonged to one of many sport designers — who despatched out an e-mail with no textual content, however a picture of a teddy bear, a plus signal, and a pack of dynamite. Hearth it when your type meter is ramped up (achieved by taking pictures enemies whereas grinding, taking out teams of them without delay, and so forth.), and the plume from the ensuing explosion takes the type of a teddy bear.

AK-FU: Like an AK-47 however with 1000% extra center finger, this assault rifle is correct as all get-out, and holds loads of ammo. It is not nice for enormous teams of enemies, nevertheless — so do not deliver it to zombie promenade.

Captain Ahab: A bottle of overcharge powers this harpoon, which might take out an enemy in a single shot. On impression, they’re going to spill forth Overcharge from their tubular our bodies, drawing mutants which scramble to the ground to get a sip of the candy, candy elixir that contaminated them within the first place. Whereas they’re down, properly… you realize what to do.

Excessive Constancy: A gun that fires vinyl data — and also you higher imagine that you’ll hear the songs on them taking part in as they fly via the air. Like most of the sport’s extra left-field concepts, this was one which appeared absurd till a designer caught it in… and it labored, resoundingly properly. These death-records are nice to fireplace into busy areas teeming with zombies, because the LPs will truly ricochet round objects within the sport world earlier than hitting their targets.

Hover Turret: A so-called “fire-and-forget” weapon, this sucker launches a miniature helicopter outfitted with a 9mm pistol, which fires at close by enemies.

Excalumune: An improve to your normal melee weapon, chock filled with electrical energy and hearth results. Not appropriate for kids.

Roman Candle: A veritable laser gentle present of a weapon, it fires out multicolored pictures that fizzle and crack as they dance concerning the display screen. Its excessive unfold makes it nice for coping with giant teams of mutants. And it is festive, too!

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