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The Walking Dead Final Season To Be Completed.

The Walking Dead Final Season is set to be completed
Walking Dead

Good news!

The Walking Dead Final Season is set to be completed after Skybound games reached a deal with Telltale games. The deal will see Clems story wrapped up nicely.

In what form we are not sure, more details are going to be announced soon by Skybound games. Hopefully this will be another studio finishing it up under the guidance of one or 2 people from Telltale. This is the most likely, however there maybe an option to release a graphic novel for the final episodes.

Skybound, of course are the producers behind the Walking Dead comics and probably have plenty of resources for that at their disposal.

The tweet from Skybound can be seen below:

I am looking forward to seeing the series being finished. I personally haven’t played it myself but would love to and I think when the option comes to have all 5 episodes together, I will get it then.

I’m going to cry when playing this aren’t I?

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