Xbox One Elite Controller V2 On The Way?

xbox one elite controller v2

A leak on a gaming website named “Reset Era” has leaked out some information regarding the next big piece of Xbox hardware: The Xbox Elite Controller, version 2. The first Xbox Elite controller launched in 2015 and was almost unmatched in quality by all but the most expensive third-party, custom controllers. If the leak is to be believed, this controller will be announced at E3, and feature “Bluetooth for Windows 10”, “3-level Hair Trigger locks”, and “3-Profile Switch”.

News of this upgrade ‘Elite Controller’ came from a series of leaked images that were originally uploaded to China’s massively popular Baidu social network.

These images appeared to also indicate a new adjustable tension mechanism for extra customisation so you can adjust how loose or stiff they feel.

Intriguingly, The Verge points out that Microsoft filed a patent in December with “an adjustable lock design for the thumbsticks, and the images match that exact design, alongside three LEDs that could indicate battery life or the extra profile support.”

Shortly after the Baidu leak, another image was posted to Reddit, only this time showing the entire controller in it’s full glory

This second leak also appeared to show that this new controller could have improved grips, something which users of the existing Elite controller have long complained as being not up to scratch, as they’ve been known to wear down over time.

xbox one elite controller v2

Despite this, it’s not clear exactly when Microsoft plans to introduce or release this new controller.

It’s coming up to three years since Xbox fans were first introduced to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller back in 2015 at E3.

And with the Xbox One X providing something of a more premium bracket for the Microsoft console family, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see Microsoft unveil the new Elite pad at E3 2018.

The Verge also suggested that Microsoft is also testing the new controller design alongside a new case that will charge it on the go.

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