US PSN PS4 games are significantly cheaper than they are in the UK due to the US to UK exchange rate and, consequently, you may want to know how to create a US PSN account so that you can download US digital games for a lower price.

In order to download US digital PSN games, you will need three things: a US PSN account, a US Amazon account and a US shipping address.

So how do you it?

Just follow these steps!

Step 1 – Make a US PSN account

Log out of your current PS4 account and you will be taken to a screen which gives you the option to ‘Create a User’. Select this and you will be asked to input your details such as name and age, as you did when you set up your UK account. The difference here being that you will say that your country is ‘United States’ and you will need to enter a different email and password for your new account; this is because you cannot use the email that is associated with your UK account.

It will ask you to pick your ‘City, State/Province’ as well as a postal code; simply enter any you like as long as it is a real one. If you can’t think of one off the top of your head or from a quick Google (other search engines are available…), then use the one given to you from Step 2.

After this is complete you will be prompted to enter a new Online ID and password and there you go, a US PSN account!

Step 2 – Get a US shipping address

In order to complete the process of buying US PSN games you will need a US shipping address. There are many places where you can get one, one example is Borderlinx. After signing up for free you will be given an address which you can use. Due to the fact that what you will be buying is completely digital there is no need to be concerned about items turning up at this address in your name.

Step 3 – Buying PSN games from Amazon

The best place I have found to buy US PSN games is from; they have a their own PSN store which is usually a little cheaper than the US PSN store on the PlayStation and of course a lot cheaper than the UK store.

You simply add a game to your cart, then go through the checkout process with your UK debit/credit card. The only difference being that you will use the address you obtained from Borderlinx as your billing address.

In completion of the transaction you will be given a digital code that you can enter on your PlayStation.

Step 4- Redeem code on PS4

Simply go to the PlayStation Store on your US account and scroll towards the bottom of the menu on the left hand side and there will be an option entitled ‘Redeem Code’.

Select this and enter your code that you were given from Amazon then an option will then appear to download the game you selected on Amazon; and that’s it! You now have a PS4 game from the US Store.

Step 5 (Optional) – Play US PSN games on UK account

In order to play the game and gain trophies and such on your main UK account you will need to set your US account as your ‘Primary PS4’. If you don’t, you will find that a padlock symbol appears when you log into your UK account, which prevents you from playing the game.

To remove this, log into your US account and go to the ‘Settings’ icon and select ‘PSN’ followed by ‘Activate as Your Primary PS4’ and then ‘Activate’.

Then you will find that you can play the game with no problems on your UK account.