With only a few days to go until the launch of Destiny, leading UK You Tuber Alan Ismail aka ‘MoreConsole’ teamed up with Activision in a daring bid to stage the moment The Traveler arrived above Earth, for real.

Or at least that’s what it looks like – as Ismail launched a weather balloon into near space this week successfully recreating one of the iconic images from Destiny.  The image was captured in the outer atmosphere, via a high-altitude weather balloon 107,841 thousand-feet above Earth, to celebrate the imminent arrival of the game ahead of its launch across the world on 9th September.

The idea was inspired by some of the game’s artwork, which shows The Traveler arriving above Earth.  In Destiny’s lore, it was the discovery of The Traveler that heralded Earth’s Golden Age, during which a lost civilisation explored the Solar System and built colonies on Mars and Venus.  When players begin their adventure in Destiny, the Golden Age has collapsed and The Traveler is found hovering low above Earth, over what is humanity’s only sanctuary on the planet – the last safe city on Earth.

As a Guardian of the City, players must fight countless battles against our enemies, venture out to explore our lost colonies and unlock the great mysteries of the past in order to protect their future on Earth.

“What better way to celebrate the Traveler, which plays a crucial role in the story of Destiny, than by bringing one of the most iconic images of the entire campaign to life? I’m excited to have created something unique that celebrates the scale and vision of the game. I imagine seeing the Traveler actually hovering over Earth will get lots of gamers in the mood to finally start playing for real when the game goes on sale next Tuesday,” commented Ismail.