Capcom’s slick hack-n-slasher was favourably received when it first arrived on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. This is a much-loved franchise, characterised by its frenetic, stylised gameplay, which is both satisfying to play and exciting to watch – not least because lead protagonist Dante remains one of gaming’s most suave and compelling characters. This enhanced edition of the fourth title in the series keeps the excellent combo-based and enthrallingly deep gameplay intact whilst updating the visuals to make it truly the best version of any of the original games.

On the other hand, however, the franchise has already been successfully rebooted for modern players via Ninja Theory’s 2013 brawler DmC: Devil May Cry, which itself has been re-released with a Definitive Edition earlier this year on current-gen platforms. Compared to that sharp, highly focused thrill ride, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition can seem a little bloated and overwhelming.

The story follows the exploits of Nero, a knight who serves in the mysterious Order of the Sword whose leader is murdered by the protagonist of the previous three games, Dante. To further complicate matters the Order of the Sword worship Sparda, Dante’s father. Nero is forced to question his beliefs as the game progresses, with a series of events that see you take control of Dante part way through the adventure.

As an upgrade of a title last generation, I will concentrate more on their differences from the classic version, but an introduction is worth. Devil May Cry 4 originally appeared in 2008, and in it, at least for the beginning , follow Nero, who starred in past deliveries, Dante will be confronted, after he kills the priest of the Order of the Sword, worshipers of Sparda. Eventually, Nero and Dante join forces to stop the diabolical experiments Agnus and to try to save Kyrie, Nero’s beloved.

As for the mechanical, no surprises for those familiar with the series that cemented the genre hack n ‘slash contemporary: the player must battle hordes of demons using a considerable variety of combos and movements, trying to not only stay alive through chops, bullets, grabs and dodges, but also prove to be the best in a matter of style, since each mission or level is rated at a scale range C or “Carnage”, the worst, to SSS, “Smokin ‘ Sick Style “, the better. The key is to get as many continuous combos, dodging the attacks of your enemies and memorizing their employers. This section, which has not changed since the original edition, we can not add much: The game belongs to one of the classic franchises the genre and virtually no way to improve its solid fundamentals.

What differences can be found in this version? First are the graphics, which run at 1080p and 60 fps. The result is, of course, visually better than previous versions, but carries a disadvantage in a higher resolution, the defects of the graph generation that the game belongs are more evident. What do we mean? Well, models, expressions and effects are inevitably outdated, so the characters look even more like rigid mannequins miracles graphics compared to the current generation. But this is a minor flaw, and at least we can say with confidence that those who seek the ultimate experience of this game will not be disappointed.

The second section in which there is most noticeable changes are the new playable characters: Vergil, Trish and Lady, each with its own new cinemas and varied list of moves. Of course, neither it is new to the franchise, but add variety and replayability to this fourth installment in its original version was playable characters rather poor compared to other deliveries. Everyone returns to their essential characteristics. Vergil retains mobility Special Edition of Devil May Cry 3 , but includes elements of DmC: Devil May Cry , with the addition of mechanics called “Concentration” in which his movements are better and faster the more quiet, deftly fights, which of course reflects the personality of the brother of Dante. Trish fought with superhuman sword of Sparda (despite having given Sanctus canonical way) and his style is based on the combination of combat power and powers that allow you to stun enemies and teleport.Finally, Lady, is based on the use of firearms, which almost function like swords for its versatility, speed and use of explosions. The addition of these three playable characters is strongest for those who want to opt for the HD version element.

However, our veterans, Nero and Dante, also have new mechanics in their favor. Nero can charge the power of his sword, the Red Queen, in return for a moment to be exposed to enemy attacks. With good timing, this option is devastating. Dante, which of course is geared to experienced players, keeps the system adaptable to the styles of the player attacks, but now works immediately instead of having to change depending on the level. This time not only have the Swordmaster style (combo melee) Trickster (escape and teleportation), Gunslinger (attacks by far) and Royal Guard (defense), but we also have the style Dark Slayer, which will use the sword his brother, Yamato. This makes Devil May Cry 4 Ultimate Edition one of the most diverse, rich and interesting mechanical level games throughout the series, and experts are certainly delighted with this news.

Another new option is the immediate access to the Legendary Dark Knight Mode, excessive difficulty level experts strongly multiplies the number of enemies you confront, and that previously was only available in the PC version. Of course, it’s an absolute nightmare: in the segment to open the first door, which only face about 4 enemies, you have to deal with about 15 at the same time, and that at a time when you have no updates available. The rest is an incredible uphill battle, but will not say it is unfair: it is a mode designed for those who already dominate the game and want more, which, given the ability of the fanbase hardcore titles like this is completely understandable and just.Anyway, have great difficulty from the start is another nice plus for this game.

However, the remastering has a default inevitable and understandable: the weaknesses of the original stand on a next-generation console. What do I mean? Finally the fact that this is a game with a design philosophy of seven years ago, and it shows: limited levels, stills, movie theaters which once impressed and not today, and so on. Other defects resulting from its development somewhat incomplete: Excessive back-tracking and repetition, recycling, uninspired level design and so on. However, none of this detracts from the important thing: mechanical incredibly tight and amazing that stand the test of time. In short, fans and connoisseurs will certainly appreciate that Devil May Cry 4 has the fair treatment they deserved their predecessors, but other younger players might surprise to see this title on a next-gen catalog.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition feels like the right treatment for a game that, while not the best of its franchise itself is far above almost any proposed action with the legendary design of a series which laid Chair on gender. The game certainly is recommended for veterans who want more challenge, old fans and those cases in which there has been enjoying the original and hungry for action games are a bit on the next-gen, passing through moments drought. It is a good return to the bases, it seems, it could be the prelude to another installment of a series of essential action.