Expand is a meditative video game in which you explore a circular labyrinth that constantly twists, stretches and expands around you.

Expand is a 2D indie minimalist game in which you guide a pink square through a circular labyrinth that constantly rotates, unfolds and expands around you. Navigate through a world that can easily lift as well as harm you, keeping you disorientated and unfamiliar in your surroundings.

A world set in five stages, Expand offers an atmospheric experience of exploration, discovery and introspection through gameplay and compelling soundtrack designed to immerse you deeply into its allegorical themes.

On paper, it’s sounds boring. Everything you see is dated and for someone to think of a game that involves pushing a pink square around a maze sounds like a kids game.

Using the left analog stick, your free to move your little pink square around a circular maze with your only real aim trying to advance to the next level/screen. To escape you need to find and recover four pink objects. There’s no complex story involved and little in the way of hand-holding to help you on your way.

Expand is in a strange way gorgeous . As you progress you also come across red elements that signify danger and grey which are buttons to press. The labyrinth is circular and it rotates, expands and contracts as you make your way through.

There’s an incredible amount of beauty in what is done with the very most basic of assets here. Obstacles, which take the form of walls, waves, projectiles and more, are all just simple shapes, but most be avoided as you navigate the labyrinth as it rotates, expands and morphs around you.

If you thought progressing from one screen to the next sounds boring and east then think again! rushing through ensures you are punished with restarting at a checkpoint, so patience is key. Expand never reaches the point of frustration, and judging by its calming soundtrack, it isn’t meant to. Relax and take your time, this is the key to moving forward.

The music really enhances the experience and brings a lot of emotion to events as you progress. The music is very relaxing and completes the game to make it a cracker.

Expand wont take you long to finish but the journey from start to finish will have you wanting more and more. If you’re a puzzle fan or just fancy something different then be sure to give this one a try. In a strange way it works.