According to Codemasters, they are on the brink of hitting 60 fps with next month’s F1 2015 release.

F2 2015 is said to run at 1080p on the PlayStation 4 and 900p on the Xbox One similar to DiRT Rally, which appeared in both Nvidia’s and AMD’s drivers. This said game is also using the same engine of F1 2015 to get the same HD resolution.

“We’re aiming for 60fps and we’re very close to that now on PlayStation 4. Obviously the team are optimizing right until the end and it’s looking like we’re going to hit that target. Everyone who is working on optimization and the art, they need to get used to the new memory budgets that the new generation of consoles will allow them,” Embling revealed.

The game designer also explained how the team is making efforts on getting the authenticity of each car in F1 2015.

Codemasters promises to deliver a complete utter racing experience on F1 2015 release to Xbox One, PS4 and PC come June 12 with Artificial Intelligence (AI) opponent, a controlled program that thinks and acts like humans.

This game changing feature is a set of Artificial Intelligence system with ultimate driving skills and is bascially created to act and think like a human opponent takinig the racing sim game to a whole new level.

In addtion, updates like clearer game sounds, car engine upgrades and a realistic user interaction experience are also found in the game, not to mention, Sky F1 premium commentators to voice the opening and grid sequences, celebrations on the track, and even the podium’s champagne toasts that add an genuine feel to the racing fans.

F1 2015 also owns voice integrations with PlayStation Kinect and Camera (might be the only time to consider buying right now) where racing fans can opt to ask questions on the race, the weather, and request for a change of tires. Other enhancements and additions are the fuel tank, transmission, engine, suspension and aero dynamics.

F1 2015 is the first project from Codemasters to debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and is now in full focus for getting the game ready for its release date this June 12 in Full HD graphics and to run at 60fps.

The big question is will it be delayed? let us know below….!