DICE tweaked some mechanics in the game that changed how you move your cursor across the screen. You may think that the culprit is the change on the aim assist but this isn’t the case. Today, we’re going to show you how to properly fix this issue and improve your aim on Xbox One.

Battlefield 1: Stick Dead Zone

With the recent patch update, DICE incorporated a new game mechanic called ‘stick dead zone’ (console platform) in the controller options. You’ll be able to access this by going to controller options/advanced/stick dead zone.

Now, on Xbox One, the default stick dead zone is set at 22. Now for those that are quite sensitive with their aim, this setting can help improve their accuracy but for most players, it just makes your aim feel a lot slower especially if you’re used to constant hit-and-dash gameplay.

Now, how do you fix this issue? Well, ideally, you’d want to find and join an empty server. From there, access the stick dead zone and set it to 0. Now try to move your aim across the screen. At first, you’ll notice a significant change in your hover. To augment this, increase the stick dead zone value by 1 or 2. If you still get the stick drift, increment the value by 1 then repeat until you find the best suitable value for your aim.

Tip: Leave all your aim assist settings to default and only change the stick dead zone value. This would avoid complicating the above process.