Dedicated gamers have announced their decision to move to Finland to play Hatch fractionally earlier than others. In the wake of the recent revelation that the revolutionary free social gaming app is ready to play in Finland, waves of early adopters from around the world have opted to abandon everything they hold dear in order to obtain marginally earlier access.

“I had barely even heard of Finland, nor could I tell you a single thing about the place,” said Freddie Macintyre, a high school graduate from Columbus, Ohio. “But when Hatch named it the first country for beta testing, I immediately threw away a full college scholarship to start a new life over 4,000 miles away from home. The thought of playing and sharing all those games with others totally validates this crazy decision. Finland, here I come!”

Mayu Yamamoto, a graphic design student from Kyoto, Japan noted that the prospect of mobile games on demand and being able to share your game session was simply too irresistible. “Saying a permanent goodbye to my family and leaving the only culture I’ve ever known was a no brainer when I heard I could invite friends into my game to share the controls,” Yamamoto enthusiastically declared to reporters.

In a surprise move, Silicon Valley tech giant KeilaCorp Industries is moving its entire operations to Finland, including 20,000 members of staff across all divisions. CEO Stephanie Fischer received unanimous board approval for the move, citing the early Hatch Beta launch in Finland as the motivating factor.

“I had to make a business-critical decision, balancing the immeasurable impracticalities and crippling cost of the move with the fun prospect of sharing amusing gameplay moments,” Fischer explained rationally in a conference call with analysts. “Knowing we can play and enjoy Hatch a fraction earlier than others makes this nightmarish relocation all worth it.”

“If you live in Finland and have an Android phone then you have just won the lottery,” added Hatch’s head of marketing Christian Tierney. “If you live elsewhere, then sign up on our website to be next in line – or simply move to Finland. It’s a lovely country, so I recommend the moving option.”

Those outside of Finland not prepared to leave their families behind forever can visit the Hatch website and sign up to be notified when Hatch is ready to play in their area.