In a year which has already seen the return of the Nokia 3310 and before long, the mighty Nintendo SNES, the brand new Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2018 can reveal today a super-sized version of a true videogame classic.

Ilhan Ünal (21), a student and software developer from Brussels, Belgium, has created a fully functional version of a former handheld favorite – the one and only Nintendo Game Boy. Measuring 101 cm in height, 62cm wide and 20cm deep, his creation has earned him the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Game Boy and Ilhan could not be happier.

Ilhan said: “The Game Boy was a huge part of many peoples childhood, including my own. I was obsessed with my Game Boy as a kid, so I wanted to create something that would put a smile on little Ilhan’s face, and hopefully on the face of anyone who is a big kid at heart.”

The monster machine took just one week to design on a computer and one month to build in a laboratory. It can play any cartridge from the original Game Boy – Tetris has never looked so good, or big – but isn’t quite as easy to master the controls as the original was. Rather than quick thumbs, players need quick hands, even arms as they negotiate the scaled up buttons.

On announcing the new record, Stephen Daultrey, Editor of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition said: “This giant Game Boy is a fantastic example of tech-nostalgia at its very best, leaving most other consoles and gadgets quite literally in the shade. The Gamer’s Edition this year is a true celebration of very latest record-breaking in the world of videogaming, a world which has changed a lot since the Game Boy was first launched in 1989. There is always room for a little (or big!) nostalgia in amongst the innovation and evolution for which gaming is renowned.”

A must-read for all aspiring gaming record-holders and part of the Guinness World Records Collection, the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2018 will be available in stores and online on for $14.99.