Oh boy, are you in for some frightening action this creepy time of year!

So if you’re not afraid of scary encounters with mysterious creatures from out of this world — we dare you to play and go fishing!

Go on a freaky night hunt after terrifying Skeleton Bluegills or try to capture one of the monstrous Mutant Gars: the Green Ogre, Albino Ghost and the Black Vampire Gar!

Monster Night Pack

Beware! Gar-O-Ween Resurrection is here! And this spooky time of the year Mutant Monster Gars are back to life, lurking in the deep dark waters! Can’t wait to go on a real Monster Hunt after some huge mutant Gars? But how well are you prepared for battling these scary beasts? No worries! With the limited edition Monster Night Pack we made sure that you get the maximum drive and excitement out of your Halloween fishing experience! These Mutant Gars may be frightfully fierce adversaries, but our Monster Night Pack features enough exclusive spooky tackle to make sure all underwater monsters are in for some REAL scares.

Our exclusive Halloween edition fishing goodies like the creepy Purple Bat™ 23′ Telescopic Rod, the bony SkeleHand™ 11′ 5″ Match Rod and the spookily powerful Ghost Reel™ 3000 and Ghost Reel™ 5000 feature delightfully scary design and unmatched monster fighting potential. To top it off, you also get some awesome creepy Halloween baits, night fishing Glow Bobbers, super strong braid & fluoro lines, and other cool stuff like our exclusive Halloween Coffin Case and the Iron Maiden Fish Stringer! If anything, this is sure to awaken your holiday spirit and help you land the horrendous mutant Gars this Gar-O-Ween, earn the freaky new Achievements and creepy prizes!

Monster Night Pack is an absolute must have this Halloween! This super awesome DLC Pack includes:


use to purchase new tackle, pay for fishing trips, repairs and any other in-game expenses.


use to purchase advanced fishing tackle, available only for Baitcoins.Spend your Baitcoins wisely!