The Last Tinker: City of Colors is now available for purchase and play on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system.  Community members can download the game in North America for $19.99, in Europe for €19.99, and $14.99 with PlayStation Plus.

Featuring parkour gameplay, fast-paced combat, color-themed puzzles and captivating stories, players must use the power of color to inspire and reunite the citizens of the City of Colors in an effort to save the city from destruction by the corrosive Bleakness.  Gameplay mechanics that stress exploration, finesse and strategy harken back to familiar classic 3D adventure games.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a perfect example of how indie developers can now bring their games to a home console and a worldwide gaming community,” said David Sterling, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, LOOT Entertainment. “While the team at Mimimi Productions originally delivered this mini masterpiece for PC, we’re able to open up the magical world of the City of Colors to PlayStation’s broad, diverse and discerning audience.”

The Last Tinker: City of Colors features a bright, beautiful world that is brimming with quirky creatures and amazing places. Carefully handcrafted environments are populated with living papier-mâché characters. Unique game elements see players using color to invoke different emotions in citizens and enemies to gain an advantage in combat and puzzle situations.

Fans of The Last Tinker: City of Colors can show their love for the game’s hero, Koru, and the citizens of Colortown with t-shirts, merchandise, game soundtrack and more available online at

Watch the trailer above to see the action.