No Man’s Sky threw some PlayStation 4 gamers into a blank white screen causing mixed emotions.

The game boots up to a blank white screen. The word “initialize” floats in the center of the screen. Beneath it is a small circle with a square inside of it. And then nothing:


Some players thought the game froze. Others thought it was still loading or downloading. Turns out it was simply waiting for the player to hold the square button.

For longtime PlayStation 4 players, the square icon is an obvious direction to press the square button. But those unfamiliar with the system — and some may have bought one for No Man’s Sky, as it’s not on Xbox One — ended up waiting for something to happen. At least one player rebooted their system, thinking the game had frozen.

“Dude I thought I was the only one,” wrote one Redditor. “I sat here for a good while thinking it was installing.”

Redditor XxAuthenticxX created a thread on the No Man’s Sky subreddit entitled “Hold square on initialize,” saving a lot of confused players a reboot or two.

The good news is that now that you’ve read this, you won’t make the same mistake.

Of course, this is only for PS4 players. The Windows PC version will likely have its own start screen when it launches this Friday. As Redditor Chwhitby said, “Just wait till PC players have to press the any key.”

Did you experience the same issue? let us know below!