This week SONY confirmed it has sold over 20.2 million PS4 consoles as of March 1. Why is it a major milestone? Because it has managed to do so faster than any other PlayStation console.

We know that PS4 is the clear leader in the current console generation, but we don’t know just how far behind Microsoft is with the Xbox One. The last sales total we have is 10 million units as of November. Even with a bumper Christmas, Microsoft remains multiple millions of consoles behind Sony and it seems unlikely that gap will close any time soon.

Phil Harrison has decided to leave the company. Microsoft isn’t commenting yet, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has stated he isn’t allowed to say anything about it.

Harrison has been with Microsoft since 2012 and was hired by Don Mattrick, who got his marching orders following the less than great build up to the Xbox One launch. It is thought that Harrison has decided to leave because he didn’t get promoted when Mattrick left, and has been left frustrated since. It’s certainly not like he lacks experience to go and work at any number of other exciting games-focused companies.