We love a Free game!

Now’s your chance to try 2K’s monster-hunting game.

The Xbox One free weekend begins at 12:01 AM PDT on September 4 and ends at 11:59 PM PDT on September 6. PC players, meanwhile, can start playing at 12:00 PM PDT on September 3 and play for free through 10 AM PDT on September 7. The free weekend is not being held on PlayStation 4.

During the free weekend, players can check out Evolve’s four Monsters and 18 Hunters, its five game modes, and 19 maps. In addition, should you decide to buy the full game after the free weekend ends, your progress will carry forward, with the exception of DLC characters that you unlock.

2K has also announced that it’s adding a new version Evolve’s Goliath Monster, called Meteor Goliath, for everyone on September 3. This will be available for free and permanently. Meteor Goliath “combines new looks, effects, audio and gameplay into a stunning, blue-fire wrapped package.”

The regular Goliath is good at attacking one Hunter at a time, but Meteor Goliath is capable of even more widespread devastation. He can “increased range and residual fire damage,” while players can also expect the following attribute updates:

  • Rock Throw now travels faster and lights enemies on fire
  • Leap Smash has increased range and lights enemies on fire
  • Fire Breath has increased range and emits blue flames
  • Charge has a longer duration and lights enemies on fire

A deeper breakdown of Meteor Goliath is available at Evolve’s website.

In addition to the free weekend, 2K has also announced that everyone who already bought Evolve can try out the game’s entire roster of DLC characters for free across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. These characters will be available at the following dates and times.

  • Evolve Hunting Season 1 characters (Torvald, Crow, Slim, Sunny) and Behemoth Monster — 12:01 AM PDT on September 4 for 24 hours.
  • Evolve Hunting Season 2 characters (Lennox, Jack) — 12:01 AM PDT on September 5 for 24 hours.