We’ve had a wonderful opportunity to have a Q&A session with Daniel Leaver of Dreadbit who is part of the team which is currently developing the game Ironcast which is due to release in March on Xbox One and PS4.

Below you can read the few questions we manage to get to Daniel, we didn’t want to take up to much of his time as we know he is very busy at the moment, especially with Ironcast due to release next month. :)

How long was the process of Ironcast, from idea to actually being a thing that we could play?
Less than 7 months actually! Ironcast was quite a speedy development process for PC. However, the console versions have taken nearly a year, due to team members not being available at all times because of additional commitments. 

Ironcast started life as a PC game, how easy was it to bring to consoles?

The first thing we had to crack was the control scheme, which we actually did fairly quickly! The shoulder buttons activate all systems like firing weapons and raising shields, whereas the face buttons are used to access repair and targeting menus. Once those elements worked nicely, it was mainly all about performance and making the best possible game for console gamers. 

Why steampunk?
There’s simply not enough steampunk in the world. It’s just far more interesting to me than future sci-fi mechs. I love the idea of Ironcast Commanders wearing expensive suits and posh dresses whilst going to war! 

Does Dreadbit have any other titles under development?
We do indeed! However, we have nothing to announce right now. Keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates (@dreadbitgames / @rovient)  

Did you sell many copies on the PC and what are your expected sales in the console market? 
Ironcast certainly did well enough on PC to warrant a console version, and we hope that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players enjoy it just as much.

Did anything get left out of the game that you really wish was in it?
Well, something that was just far too big for our small team to achieve is a competitive multi-player mode.

I’d have loved to beat some of our testers 1v1! However, something that big generally ends up being as much work as a whole other game. 

What is your favourite cheese?
Cheddar with little bits of chilli in it. It’s delicious!

Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi, every time! I request Pepsi in pubs. :)

What was the chosen meal on those late night dev sessions?
For me it was chicken fajitas. Love ’em!

Ironcast will come to Xbox One and PS4 on March 4th.