Following Rockstars announcement yesterday that Red Dead Redemption is coming to from Xbox’s backwards compatibility program this Friday, sales of the original Red Dead Redemption has skyrocketed.

The classic version of the game shot up 5,911% on overnight whilst sales of the Red Dead Redemption: Game Of The Year Edition, which also contains Undead Nightmare, has also increased by 2,114% at the current time of writing.

The monumental leap has seen the original jump to No.1 in the charts having priously been 1082, whilst the Game Of The Year Edition rose from to second in the charts having previously been ranked in No. 755.

As of this morning Rockstar Games are sitting pretty, with their open-world western current on top of Amazon’s hourly PC & Video Games sales chart.

Which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given that Red Dead Redemption already had 148,371 votes from the Xbox community asking for the game to come to backwards compatibility