After finding its place with 100,000 gamers on Steam, Shoppe Keep will be hitting the PS4 and Xbox One. And today, we can announce that the console versions will release in April.

The Deluxe Edition contains the full Shoppe Keep soundtrack, along with a number of bonus tracks. So whether players are new to the game, or if they’re veteran Shoppe Keep fans who want to own the soundtrack, this is a competition worth entering.

To make the wait that little less painful, they are launching a competition, where you could win 1 of 15 copies of Shoppe Keep Deluxe Edition on Steam! If you have been looking to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition, featuring the full Shoppe Keep soundtrack, along with a bunch of bonus tracks, now’s your chance. Similarly, if you want to gift the game to a friend, why not enter, and make it look like you splashed out money on them? Enter Here

In the lead-up to launch, we’ll be releasing a lot more information about Shoppe Keep on Xbox One and PS4, from trailers to competitions.