Sonic the Hedgehog who recently celebrated his 25th year will be back with a new 2D adventure in Sonic Mania. Announced at the San Diego Comic Con, the Game will be launched in Spring of next year for PS4, Xbox One, & Windows! 

Within the trailer, you find out that the classic three characters Knuckles, Tails, & our favorite Sonic will all be playable along with new abilities with a new world & story to progress through. (I am hoping for a Shadow appearance ha) The new drop dash ability is featured in the video above. Besides the new worlds, classic stages with new interactions will also be featured in this game. Get ready for Green Hill Zone and hopefully some classic music! Sonic is going back to it’s roots after being around for 25 years. Happy Birthday Sonic.

Before Sonic Mania though, don’t forget that this year dropping is Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice on Nintendo 3DS. Inspired by Sonic Boom cartoon, which airs on cable channel Cartoon Network, this game will drop in September of this year. The TV show will return for a second season, which is currently in the works. So again, happy birthday Sonic from your fans of 25 years!

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