The highly anticipated survival horror title created by a single man is the perfect reason to dim the lights, turn up the sound and get ready to experience the horrors of Whisperwood.

Enter the world of The One We Found, where enemies will hunt, maim and silently wait for the next innocent passer-by.
Use stealth against the invincible Harmony or pull out your weapon and try to fend off the horde of infected patients, with blood written clues your only guidance through the perilous maze of Whsiperwood, as you delve deeper into the membrane on a journey of discovery.

Discover the threat of Harmony in the brand new launch trailer.

Loveridge Designs have also confirmed that ALL Year 1 DLC for The One We Found will be completely free, including new zombie types, new survival maps, the forthcoming 4K texture update for the world most powerful console, the Xbox One X.

You can purchase The One We Found, now on Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox. $19.99/€19.99/£16.99