Open-world RPG adventures don’t come much bigger than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This is a huge quest which looks, feels and sounds exactly like a game with a three-year development cycle should.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a CRPG open world, no doubt, has been designed as interactive entertainment forefront in many aspects, especially for its amazing visuals. However, it is also a letter from extremely painstaking love for fans of the series (in literature and video games), the role-playing and fantasy: a game that denotes excellence, attention to detail and expertise in virtually all its aspects, one of the most solid proposals in years and pride for the game industry.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the best RPG I have had the opportunity to play in several years, no question.

Since one puts hands on Wild Hunt, is evident the great love with which it was constructed each of the elements presented thanks to the fantastic REDengine 3 graphics engine that can not be otherwise qualified us more than craft. A brilliant story with memorable characters, addictive combat and perfectly constructed one of the most outstanding open worlds ever created, make that communication is essential to all true lover of video games that is said. I have no doubt that we are facing a serious contender to claim the famous title “Game of the Year”.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt just do not ask anything from the super American and Japanese productions. It is difficult to understand how a study comprised of about 200 people, got everything could cope with such good results. There is no doubt that the work of Konrad Tomaszkiewicz in direction, was taken in the best way, a matter that we can see almost immediately, when we begin to explore the beautiful areas of the game.

The terrain to go in Wild Hunt is truly titanic, you will spend hours riding and sailing to get from one place to another. It is incredibly shocking and galling to see the amazing design of the physical context in which we find ourselves. At the beginning of my adventure, I was completely skeptical on this point, not stop thinking that at any moment, that feeling of repetition invade me. Go the surprise for me to note that after several hours of play, each of the places he had traveled, he was brand new and with its own personality.

This takes more force when you stop to think that in reality, we are in the same forest ecosystem, which was worked with much love for its creators, who got him feel varied.

You can go riding on a plain to gradually go deeper into a thick forest with giant trees that at one point, block any solar ray. One of the random events that happened to me and most impacting me, he follows: Having survived an ambush by wolves and several wounds on the body, the horizon lit up with a beautiful citadel could see the distance after climbing a hill. My attention was drawn importantly to see that there were buildings in the middle of a large lake where several rivers converge. I got closer slowly to realize that in fact was a town in the middle of water connected by beautiful bridges. Of course I tried to gain access to this place, however, I was asked a pass with which it had at that time. I decided to retire for help to people who could not enter.

Glad to say that this type of magical moments are more frequent in The Witcher 3 of what many might think. Every plant, every bush, every stream, every swamp and every ravine, has a purpose for being, leaving very clear the huge attention to detail that was put into this aspect of the game. No, you will not get bored at any time the environment you have to explore, as its elements will feel organic and mutating as your story progresses. Have you bumped into a village full of demons ?. Probably a good idea to try to clean it, sure something good will happen later.

The art direction and graphics of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will make you sigh again and again. The sunsets and sunrises that heaven will take incredibly beautiful, worthy of a painting hues, this thanks to its dynamic climate. The sound of nature and generally everything around us is overshadowed only by the wonderful music of the game orchestrated with each note, you will steal your heart.

As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, the real challenge for any game that calls himself open world, has little to do with its size. Actually, it is difficult to fill those areas with characters and significant events. Something happens to me constantly every time I take control of Geralt, is that when I say “now, stop sneak distracting yet and looks to continue with the main story” an event or situation in my way I do to stop new account . How not to go investigate when someone desperate screams turned his cart, then he realizes that it was all an elaborate charade well ?

In general, I can say that through each centimeter of the world that presents us Wild Hunt, is a true delight. I sinking stomach emotion when thinking about the hundreds of hours I still have ahead of us to continue to discover each of their secrets and keeping the authentic madness.

One of the most important elements of any RPG is the story we are told. Generally, these securities tend to tell us how a hero rises to save the world from a greater threat. At first glance, it seems that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will remain on that tradition, however, does not take long to realize that in fact, we are telling a story of redemption in which the common good is not our ultimate goal.

Our protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, is in the midst of the whole situation that you just described, desperately looking for Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, better known as Ciri. This very interesting character with which we have the opportunity to play as a regression when some passage we are told of his journey, has unclear intentions that will be revealed with the passage of time. I would love to go much deeper into this, but the reality will be ruining much of the magic of the game.

The story of The Witcher 3 is very well run. Maybe to some, their pace will seem a bit slow, especially at the beginning, but the reality is that each events that happen and how they are presented on screen, get us feel that we are in the middle of a story epic proportions.

Despair and pessimism is a constant in the people of this wonderful world. Wild Hunt is a game that is about knowing people. Many of them will cause a huge impact on the situation they are in, while others will make you laugh and mourn. What I can say is that I can not just come to mind any similar or generic has me lifeless. Beyond amazing what has been achieved by the development studio on narrative, because most likely, this is the strongest point of the whole title.

There are many points on which we can base to sustain the huge difference of video games with other means of training or even artistic expressions. I think the most primitive or tangible, is the possibility given to us to make decisions. Deciding which team to play PES, what is the best configuration to win Mario Kart 8 or when is that I attack my opponent in Starcraft II, it is often what gives this essence we love. See how the world around us react to our decisions, it is one of the most fascinating things in the world.

Despite how wonderful it was this and the pain it caused you to lose one of your colleagues forever, the reality is that every time we had a perspective much higher than what was happening in the universe, that is, many times we do not feel the same level of our character. This changed radically in The Witcher 3, since put aside the morality marked to let our true selves take the decisions.

Something that blew my mind completely is how the game is able to take the concept to new levels of RPG. Not everything is just select options. There will be times when we will be playing negotiate such things as rewards. Are you too ambitious ?, Then wait for the bar to fill NPC tolerance to better find someone else to do the job.

Maybe in Wild Hunt branches or paths that we can take what we decided at certain points, are not as varied as in other games, however, it ensures that the illusion is stronger than ever. There are times when you will face a crossroads that for you, may not be as relevant, however, several hours later you will notice the heavy consequences that your decision had, as happens in real life. Best of all is that we do not check what is good or what is bad, we just have the options to choose. No right or wrong, just us and the situation in which we find ourselves.

Epic Battles

The dominance of western development on the east, has had different consequences, one of which is the way they operate in fighting RPG. It seems that not even exponents like Final Fantasy are willing to continue with turn-based battles where strategy is everything, as it is now looking much more dynamic in every way.

The Wild Hunt combat feels much better managed and responsive to what we saw in its predecessor. Mark each sword attacks we do is very important for success, but I think it’s even more knowing how to defend yourself. You can protect yourself letting down the left trigger, even seek to make a parry, but in my experience, it’s smart to have well studied time to roll or move quickly when you are attacked.

Each of the enemies they have the opportunity to face, have different patterns, so it is very wise to analyze thoroughly before going into battle with them. Forget succeed simply by pressing the attack button. Whenever you opt for this strategy, the game will punish you significantly, especially on the higher difficulties. Speaking of difficulties, I find The Witcher 3 as a true title contender, in which every move and decision will impact us one way or another.

One of the major allies are there are signs Geralt. We are a Witcher, so we have some tricks up his sleeve that often saved us in a very compromising situations. Knowing how and when to use these skills, it is crucial to get the advantage. Since launching flares of fire to controlling the minds of our enemies, are elements that do nothing to sweeten the already if well polished gameplay system.

Before moving on to discuss how they are structured quests, I would platicarte of contracts. These special activities are therefore most likely, many decided to get into The Witcher 3. Besides being an open world RPG, this game can turn into monsters hunting, much like Monster Hunter. Just simply go to a bulletin board and see who is willing to pay for you to complete this or that beast. Clashes with these beings are truly epic and memorable, because you also have to fight the battle as such, need to prepare for it, meeting a range of objectives before the final showdown. Sure some will completely forgot the rest of the game to be hunted.

If this were not enough, Wild Hunt has its own Trading Card Game called Gwent, much like the successful Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. I can tell you that I am not a big fan of these games, but when I put my hands on it, I caught something very special way. Said card game is deep and very well done, even has its own proposals to gender. You can collect special cards to build your deck and thus able to beat decide to challenge. Like as with contracts, I do not doubt that one will be devoted only to enjoy this game goal, as there are who says, exceeds Blizzard aforementioned proposal.

Research mode sharpens the senses of Geralt will make you feel a whole detective, looking for clues and items that help us advance the story.

It feels just perfect!

One of the main problems presented by RPG, is that in an attempt to expand the hours of play, often tedious fill side quests that contribute anything and feel just like straw for stuffing. As part of all this love with which The Witcher 3 is built, side quests are added often, are more important than the main story itself.

A few paragraphs ago I commented that many times, it was impossible to continue with the main quests thanks to the huge amount of distractions in the world we travel. Something perfectly well done is how these activities feel relevant and interesting, because the line that separates the main story is really thin; that is, many times we do things in a side quest, will have impact within any of the events that touch us live in the central campaign.

A side quest that quickly comes to mind and you enjoyed it, was to lift a curse on an island. The story we are told by others there is complex and interesting, having a truly surprising outcome. Another is about to release a ghost that haunts in a well, it is connected to a large lake through a complex system of underwater caves. I could spend all day talking about this aspect of the title, it surely will consume most of your time.

Of course the main quests are kept up   and they show that was where more time and effort invested. This aspect too much to decide, but in an effort to not ruin anything, you just comment on some of them, they are divided into several parts, will take several hours to complete. I recommend widely be well prepared with supplies and everything you need before you start with one of them, otherwise, you could see the terrible need to upload a file past, thereby losing much playing time.

A set of dimensions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, can be truly intimidating for many people, especially when the first approach with its interface is given. Besides making more than well everything I’ve told you, I am happy to say that the design team menu CD Projekt, did a fantastic job to present all options it presents.

As Witcher potions are part of your daily life. The way in which the famous alchemy was worked in the game, is truly outstanding. The amount of combinations and possibilities this gives you, are almost endless. Here, not only about making potions to increase your life for example, but also that can do things like something to increase your strength, will depend on your skill in this art to create less toxic and more effective substances. Obviously, these creations require ingredients, many of them are lying around everywhere, while others are truly rare, and only complete this or that task will give you access to them. Without any doubt, alchemy is another goal games that are inside Wild Hunt.

Items and equipment that we have at our disposal are exceedingly varied. Armor, gloves, pants and boots, will be part of the attachments that will help Geralt of Rivia can survive the complicated world that confronts. Like this, our silver sword to kill -arma supernatural beings and iron sword, can be improved with runes and special substances.

Despite not making big contributions on the theme of the skill tree, we must accept that the Wild Hunt, is quite interesting. Here, not only you have to choose which style do you prefer for your character, but you must be very smart in the way that fits all. As a Witcher, Geralt can change your genetics. This point is critical, because the configuration of skills depends on how it’s conjugate these to the genomes of different colors. Want to be an expert in alchemy ?, ensures that your green skills are in a group with the same color genome, this will give them a major bonus. And yes, you can “tune” your horse.

As with virtually every one of the elements that presents this delivery, you can spend hours and hours perfecting menus each of the elements of the array which will take to the battlefield. Do not despair and seek to understand each of its points. Highly recommend reading the bestiary and the large number of books that are scattered everywhere, because through pure text, is we have truly interesting and useful things in the universe created by the Poles CD Projekt.

Unfortunately not all good news. Such an ambitious and gigantic project like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, would have to have one or two buts. The platform on which we review this title was the PlayStation 4, so there is the possibility that the following, do not give in the other versions, especially on the PC.

To begin, I can say that the game has some frame rate issues, especially in the cinematic. Despite not being a real problem when we speak specifically of gameplay, it is clear that the title is constantly striving to maintain the 30 frames per second, this clear, a beautiful 1080p resolution.

Another problem is that when we are constantly traveling the world, can be seen as objects and textures popean screen. That case can be noticed only if you put special attention on the horizon, it is not so obvious.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the first major RPG for the current generation of consoles. His gigantic world full of important things to do, fine fight, captivating story and high degree of customization, make it one of the games that have caused me most throughout my life enjoying this wonderful medium. I can not find the right people to do justice to the incredible work delivered by CD Projekt, study undoubtedly has earned a place alongside the greatest words of this industry.

Take our advice and go purchase a copy, you will never see daylight again!