Prime 5 Xbox 360 Hardest Achievements Ever Made

Assume you’re hardcore? Effectively, you could be, however not all Achievements are created equal. You might have expertise, however if you need these tough-as-nails Achievements, you want expertise.

Gears of Battle

Picked by Gamerscore maestro Stallion83 as the one hardest achievement he earned in his lengthy quest to get 1,000,000 Gamerscore, this one includes killing no fewer than 10,000 folks in ranked multiplayer classes.
Ten freakin’ thousand folks. And in ranked matches, no much less… so you recognize you’re not up towards whole newbies. The intense moniker is apt, certainly.

Halo: Attain
“A Monument to All Your Sins”

Whenever you’re getting a large 150 Gamerscore for a single Achievement, you recognize it’s no joke. This one requires you to finish each mission within the sport, on Legendary issue, by your self. That’s to say, sans help from co-op buddies, and versus extraordinarily powerful enemies who can primarily one-shot kill you if you happen to make the slightest errors – by each mission on this large sport. Good luck with this one.

Achievement: “No Level in Dying”
Gamerscore: 10

Ten!? Ten measly factors? Effectively, don’t complain an excessive amount of;
LIMBO is an Xbox Reside Arcade sport, in any case, and people are typically rather less beneficiant with the Gamerscore. In the meantime, if you happen to managed to get this Achievement in your first playthrough of the sport, you’re a gosh-darned mendacity son-of-a-goat, is what you’re. Memorizing the sport’s puzzles sufficiently to get this one on any playthrough in any respect, although, is fairly spectacular – hats off to those that acquired it.

Duke Nukem Endlessly
Achievement: “Balls of Metal”
Gamerscore: 25

In the event you managed to play the pinball minigame inside
Duke Nukem Endlessly lengthy sufficient to realize 1,000,000 factors, you earned this Achievement – which was fairly an accomplishment, for the reason that pinball sport was extraordinarily tough to regulate, and crammed with probability occurrences. Whereas 25 Gamerscore won’t appear to be a lot of a prize, that is a kind of Achievements that’s cleverly named, so the smile it brings to your face is its personal reward.

South Park: Let’s Go Tower Protection Play
Achievement: “MANBEARPIG!”
Gamerscore: 20

No, not
South Park: The Stick of Fact. That is the primary “South Park” sport, a super-fun, multiplayer tower protection title. This achievement required you to tackle the hardest degree within the sport, on the toughest issue… utilizing no towers. Sure, this sounds insane in a tower protection sport, however you have been allowed to make use of partitions and to throw snowballs, damaging your enemy manually. Nonetheless extraordinarily laborious, however a raucous good time, and a kind of uncommon Achievements that’s each extraordinarily tough and extraordinarily enjoyable to get.