Xbox One Console Issues;

Microsoft has publicly acknowledged some of the Xbox One’s hardware issues, however a recent consumer claim might have the company scratching its head. An Xbox support member by the name of “Cynical Anarchy” has a forum thread open claiming that their Xbox One is leaking some type of oily fluid.

There’s no clear-cut explanation what may have caused the alleged problem, but forum members encouraged the poster to call Xbox customer support for help. So far this appears to be an isolated issue with Microsoft now aware of the problem.

“While we have not seen any cases as described, we know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions, and we have many avenues for them to get the answers they need and get back into the game as soon as possible,” a company spokesperson told Venture Beat. ” Anyone who believes they are experiencing issues with their Xbox One should reach out to us.”

Although the launch of new consumer electronics are often accompanied by hardware defects, this one is quite odd.

Have you had issues with your xbox one console since launch? let us know below your issues.