Double XP Weekend For Black Ops3

BLACK Ops 3 fans on Xbox One and PS4 will get another chance to rank up this weekend with a new Double Weapon XP weekend announced by Treyarch.

Black Ops 3 Double Weapon XP Weekend is live

Weapon levels are set to rise faster in Black Ops 3 this weekend, helping players to unlock those much needed attachments and camos for their chosen arsenal.However, unlike the last weekend event from Treyarch, fans will not see their overall experience rise at the same rate.

The Double Weapon XP Weekend was originally set to kick off on Thursday 26, at around 4pm UK time and end at the same time on November 30.

ACTIVISIONBlack Ops 3 fans have the chance to unlock some new gear for their weapons

However, Treyarch has confirmed that they decided to launch the event today instead.It gives those fans with the day off for Thanksgiving in the United States a chance to make some serious progress.